Friday, April 26, 2013

Now Available On

We are happy to announce that SparkFun Electronics has become a distributor of our Muscle Sensor v3 kits. 

For more details, head over to their webstore.


  1. Hi Guys
    A customer and a big fan here. I wanted to get some extra cables and electrodes for my project, but it seems that you guys have run out of cables. I was trying to find them online. I need them urgently. Any suggestions as to where I might be able to find the cables online ?
    Also I came across this website which is selling your product:

    Are they ^ authorized dealers of your product ?

    1. Hey Rahul,

      Unfortunately, the cables are custom made for us so you won't be able to find them any where else online. That being said, we are expecting to get more in next week (around the 17th). If you send us an email, I'll add you to the list to get notified when they do.

      If you need to get something working before then and aren't afraid of a soldering iron, you can hack together your own cables using alligator clips and a 3.5mm audio jack. Email us if you want more details.

      You can also remove the 3.5mm audio port which will expose 3 through hole pins. You can solder wired alligator clips to these holes and use them like our older model sensors (before we added the audio port). is actually a distributor for SparkFun so they are authorized to sell our product. Thanks for bringing it to our attention though!