Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Muscle Mouse

We've created a new open-source project, Muscle Mouse, as part of the 2013 National microMedic contest. The Muscle Mouse harnesses the power of electromyography to make physical therapy more fun and to make gaming easier for the disabled.

At the core of this AAA battery powered device is the powerful yet low-cost Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller (a favorite among hobbyist and SparkFun Electronics BlueTooth module, and Advancer Technologies’ 3rd generation muscle sensor.

The Muscle Mouse is designed to allow the user play the classic helicopter game (shown below) on any mouse compatible Bluetooth device. The user simply has to navigate to any of the many available websites that provide this game for free and position the mouse cursor over the game window. The Muscle Mouse gives the user the power to navigate the helicopter through the game course simply by flexing their muscle to move the helicopter up and relaxing the muscle to move the helicopter down.