Monday, May 18, 2015

MyoWare Bionic Repulsor Tutorial

Two years ago, we built a Bionic Iron Man Armor, a muscle sensor controlled repulsor system worn on the forearm. Well we're back again with a slick new sensor and a simplified bionic system. Our new "Bionic Iron Man Glove" still harnesses the power of electromyography to give fans the power to directly control an Iron Man-esque repulsor simply by flexing their muscle, BUT this time around the system is much easier to build and compact enough to fit entirely on the hand.

At the core of this new glove system is an Arduino-compatible Lilypad MP3 (an all-in-one microcontroller and audio player), Adafruit's NeoPixel ring, and our new MyoWare™ muscle sensor. 

Using the bionic glove is as simple as sticking a few electrodes on your arm and flipping on the power switch. When the system boots up, J.A.R.V.I.S. (Tony Stark's computer intelligence sidekick) talks you through the power-on sequence. When the wearer flexes their muscle, the bionic glove will play the harrowing repulsor charging-up sound effect. Then, when the muscle is relaxed, the repulsor will emit a firing sound effect and pulse the LED lights attached to the palm of the glove. 

You can learn how to build your own bionic glove by reading our easy-to-follow tutorial posted on A project kit is also available on our Kickstarter campaign as a funding reward for a limited time only.